The questionnaire aims to shed light on your management style and your leadership type. It has been designed to deliver practical, actionable information.
It will provide an analysis of your management style and leadership tendencies, show your strengths and identify how you can maximize your potential.
We propose a comprehensive framework that tends to reduce complexity of social psychologiy and related matters.

is the one setting up incentives as well as a control and steering mechanism. He/She manages the organization by allocating resources, achieving work objectives and by ensuring industry standards and procedures are being followed.
Thus, maintaining order and consistency in work execution. He/She is key to daily operations and performance.

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is the one giving the work an actual meaning, sharing the vision of the future and raising others to the highest level of development.
He/She generates a positive and stimulating work atmosphere and challenges intellectually its employees by encouraging them to reach new goals. He/She is an agent of change and accountability.
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The idea is to explore various individual verticals (or dimensions) which are complementary to each other, namely the management style and the type of leadership. Both are deeply linked. The model evolves around the manager – leader duo without opposing them as both will develop managing and leader attributes.


QCM Singulier

You assess yourself on your management style and leadership and we will provide you with an analysis that will bring out your profile, strengths and areas for improvement.

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QCM Pluriel

You assess yourself and you get evaluated by five of your co-workers, peers or supervisors. Only you will receive the results in the form of a comprehensive review that will bring out your profile. This assessment reflects the average scores of 5 co-workers, in order to preserve the confidentiality.

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